Whole Home Wifi Solutions

With inet’s Whole Home Wifi Management Devices you can enjoy a strong connection in any corner of your home!

With more and more connected devices and constant online activity in our homes, we all want to get the fastest, most reliable Wi-Fi possible. Unfortunately, in some homes, especially larger ones or those that use certain building materials, some spots can be hard to reach. When you try to connect your laptop or other device when you’re in one of these “dead zones”, the Wi-Fi connection is either too slow or you cant get a signal at all.

With inet’s Whole Home Wi-Fi Management Devices you can enjoy a strong connection in any corner of your home!

The mesh is a high performance plug in Wi-Fi satellite that’s small and simple to use. The mesh delivers outstanding Wi-Fi coverage and performance and makes hard to reach areas a thing of the past!


  • Faster and more reliable than Wi-Fi extenders
  • Separate network sign in not required
  • Quick plug and play setup
  • Extensive Wi-Fi coverage
  • Remote Management
  • Inet Fibre App (basic)

Inet Fibre App

Manage your digital space with our new app!
App Feature Basic Advanced
Guest Network X X
Connected Device Information X X
Basic Parental Control X X
Owner created registration X X
Network Map X X
Reset SSID and Password X X
Ability to send Mobile Notifications X X
Network Usage X
Bandwidth Test X
Amazon Alexa X
Enhanced Parental Control* Coming Soon
Network Security* Coming Soon

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